* We are affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

PAOC Statement of Essential Truths
  1. God Loves All of Us, No Matter What.
  2. God has made every person in his image, each of us with a will of our own; because of our prideful nature, we have all sinned and need to be forgiven.
  3. Jesus Christ is fully divine and fully human; he is God's only son, and our only Saviour.
  4. Christ, though he is innocent, took upon himself the consequences for the sins of every human, and was given a death penalty. He came back to life, conquering death as a guarantee to us that through him things are made right between humanity and God.
  5. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are co-equal and co-eternal.
  6. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to counsel, comfort and empower us to spread God's good news.
  7. Christians are responsible to love God, our neighbours, our families, and ourselves.
  8. The Bible is God's inspired Word, useful for for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training us in righteousness.
  9. Jesus will soon return to fully establish his kingdom in justice, re-creating the earth and the heavens and resurrecting people to eternal life or eternal destruction.