Plan Your Visit

We're thrilled that you are interested in joining us!

We hope this guide helps you plan a successful and enjoyable visit.

If you ever need help, please look for one of our volunteers with a blue northview lanyard and they will be happy to assist you!

We'd love to connect with you, and to help us, you can fill out a Visitor Card at the Welcome Center.

Connect with us at or call us at 705-748-4573 if you have any questions. Office hours are from 9am-4pm Tuesday-Thursday.

Where do I park?

You can enter from Towerhill or Fairbairn streets and park wherever you can find a spot. The lot surrounds the building, and you will find Accessible Parking near both the North and Main entrances (you'll see a car-port at the Main entrance).

A Typical Service
Though sometimes things change for special services, typically our services look something like this:
  1. We express our love and thanks to God in song with our volunteer team of musicians and singers. 
  2. Kids aged 2-10 are dismissed to their programs. 
  3. Family News and Announcements: this is the part of the service where you can find out what's going on in the church community and how you can get involved throughout the year.
  4. Message: one of the Pastors (usually our Lead - Pastor Crystal ) will connect God and His word to our lives today in a meaningful way, speaking for 30-40 minutes. Want a Bible to follow along? Ask an Usher, or download our church from the Google Play store or Apple App Store!
  5. We might close the service with a time of prayer, reflection and/or a benediction. Often, the worship team will come back up to play a song. If it's a Communion Sunday (1st Sunday of every month), we invite all those who are followers of Jesus to join us by taking the emblems (wafer and grape juice) at the direction of the pastor. If you're not a follower of Jesus, we'd still love to have you during this time!
  6. We'd really appreciate it if you fill out a Visitor Card after the service and hand it in to the Welcome Center in the foyer so we can connect with you further. We'll even give you a welcome gift! 

Kids Church is available for children aged 2-10!  Parents or guardians are asked to sign their children in at the DaySchool entrance in the foyer before the service begins.  Early in our service, we will invite the kids to meet our children's workers at the back of the auditorium and be escorted to classrooms where they will have a Bible story, craft and snack. 

All of our children's workers and helpers have fulfilled the training requirements and have undergone a screening process which includes up to date vulnerable sectors checks. Your child's well-being is our priority!


Our Main entrance and our North entrance are wheelchair accessible and our building is all on one level. The Main entrance doors to the far left are installed with power assisted opening for your convenience. Washrooms are also wheelchair accessible.

Attire and where to sit

No matter what you wear, we'll be glad you're here. If you're concerned about what you should wear, you'll find people people in jeans and t-shirts and others "all dressed up". Come as you are! You will find lots of space to sit and be comfortable in our air-conditioned building, so grab a seat where you'd like!